Get Educated About Workers Compensation Claims Related To Stress Injury

In general, work-place stress injuries are of physical kind caused due to repetitive movements. It can root carpal tunnel syndrome like conditions or muscle strain. Unfortunately, work related stress can possibly cause emotional or mental injury, which is also compensable. Let’s take a detailed look at both types of work-place stress injuries.

Physical stress injuries

An employee’s job can be at a construction site or in an office typing. The former may suffer from nerve damage due to extreme use of jackhammer, while the typist can experience carpal tunnel syndrome. Each employee is performing their duties but overtime they suffer physical issues that can be noticed. Such repetitive stress injuries at workplace does not allow you to file a complaint against your employer but under the workers’ compensation laws there are some solutions offered to injured employees.

According to California workers compensation law, the injured worker is entitled to a fraction of their average earning, when they are receiving treatment for the injury related to workplace stress. In many cases, you will need to make timely report to receive this benefit to your company’s insurance provider and human resources, so as to commence the compensation claim process.

Generally, you need to visit the physician first to determine whether the rooted injury is associated to your job duties and responsibilities. You may even need to undergo medical examination from a doctor representing the insurance provider to verify that your health issue is work-related. You can certainly hire an attorney prior going through such private medical examinations.

The workers compensation benefits of repetitive stress injuries are –

  • Medical treatment compensation
  • Weekly compensation
  • Permanent impairment benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation recompense

Psychological stress injuries

It is hard to prove emotional injuries, so the success of compensation claim becomes difficult. In some states, emotional stress is not covered because it is hard to define if the mental stress is due to job or related to personal issues.

Stress related working conditions are –

Harassment and bullying – It is defined as a behavior that makes person feel offended and intimidated. It includes undermined, unfair treatment, blocked promotion, etc. similarly, threats, abuse, or excessive demands also cause stressful environment.

Workload – A person can undertake a specific limit of workload but if an employer places unrealistic demands, which forces a worker to work long hours then the possible outcome is stress related.

Lack of support – When a worker is not offered sufficient support, guidance or assistance then they can feel overwhelmed, lack confidence and experience loads of pressure.

Denial of workers’ rights – The rights of employees regarding annual leave, rest periods, and breaks are protected in law. If an employee denies these workers’ rights can stress every employee and root low self-morale.

What to do? If you suffer from mental stress at work-place then tell someone. Talk with your superiors or make formal report. Documentations become useful evidence. Your company may have some rules for reporting and making claims, so follow them to protect your rights. You can even talk with reliable co-workers, who can acts as witness, if necessary. 

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