Common Signs of Nursing Home Neglect to Watch For

Nursing home abuse or neglect is unfortunately much more common than most people may suspect, and it’s often hard to know when someone we love is being abused or neglected while in the care of a senior care or nursing facility. If you spot any of these common signs of nursing home neglect, make sure to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Bradenton, FL, right away.


Bedsores are usually the most common symptom of nursing home neglect. These painful sores and welts form when an elder person remain in the same position too long, resulting in excessive pressure on parts of the body. Nursing home attendants should be vigilant about changing seniors’ positions and bedding frequently to prevent these.


You may have noticed a decline in your family member or loved one’s appetite as their age and overall health declines, but it is one of the responsibilities of nursing home staff to make sure residents are eating enough and staying hydrated. If during your visits you find that they are complaining of thirst or hunger, they may be the victim of nursing home neglect.

Unexplained Injuries

Nursing homes are places where people can go and expect to be cared for. Unexplained injuries should not be happening at all. If your family member has an injury that they either don’t want to talk about and none of the nursing home staff is able to explain what happened, abuse or neglect may be to blame. Typically, when an accident or injury occurs, the facility will let the primary contact in the family know what happened and document the incident. If no such information exists, it may be unfortunately a case of abuse or neglect.

Depression or Fear

If when you visit your family member in the nursing home and they sound despondent or depressed, or seem fearful for any reason, they may be experiencing malnourishment or physical abuse. When you go to visit, pay special attention to their mood and if something seems “off” with their behavior, pay attention to that gut feeling that tells you something might be wrong. You should be able to trust that your senior loved ones are being taken care of when they reside in nursing homes or senior care centers. If you suspect that they are not, talk to the team at Erjavec Injury Law when you need a personal injury lawyer in Bradenton, FL, who truly cares about your case and your family needs.

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