Different Reasons for Seeking Divorce

As a matter of fact, no marriage is ever easy and both the partners need to make conscious effort to make it work.

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Following are usual reasons for divorce:

  1. Infidelity

One of the common reasons for failure is extra-marital affairs from either of the partner. The reason for such extra marital affairs is usually cannot be easily spelled out.

Any infidelity can start with simple friendship however it may finally lead to cheating in the institution of marriage.

  1. Money

Many times, the money matter can also be a spoil sport. The spending habit of one of the partners may bring insecurity in the financial stability and the marriage relationship may get sore.

  1. Lack of communication

As a matter of fact, good communication is usually considered as the foundation of a good marriage. If instead of talking, the spouse yells at each other then the relationship cannot be sustained for a long time.

Though it may be hard to maintain always a very nice communication but one needs to make an effort.

  1. Constant arguing

If the couples are arguing on the same point again and again then it means they are not listening to each other.

One partner may not able to realize the point of view of another partner and that will lead to constant argument all the time.

  1. Weight gain

Sometimes if one of the partner gains too much weight particularly the female partner then she may lose her attractiveness. This also can reduce the intimacy between the partner and may lead to divorce.

  1. Unrealistic expectations

If one partner is having certain unexpected expectation from the other partner then it can create lot of stress in the relationship, which can ultimately lead to divorce.

  1. Lack of intimacy

Lack of intimacy can be both physical as well as emotional intimacy and may not always be related to sex only. In case you are always giving your spouse a cold shoulder, then you are ensuring that over a period of time it will become the solid ground for your divorce.

Making the relationship special and intimate is the duty of both the partners. You need to practice little kindness act, appreciate and enjoy each other’s physical intimacy for sweetening your relationship.

  1. Lack of equality

All married couples should negotiate through different kind of challenges which may be quite unique in their marriage that perhaps many others may never have faced. You need to find your own way to live together as equals who may enjoy a respectful, joyful and harmonious relationship.

  1. Not prepared for marriage

It has been found that many couples of every age have blamed themselves for not being fully prepared for actual married life, which was the main reason for the sad demise of their married relationship.

Statistics also proves that divorce rates are found to be highest among couples who are in their 20s.

  1. Abuse

In spite of so much technical innovations and improved living style, the emotional and physical abuses are the sad reality in our society.

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